Saturday, January 3, 2015

Community Outreach

Just as an update from our team's community out reach, we completed another successful calendar drive during the month of November. Here are the winners. We will be completing another one this month.

Also, on November 9th we held a Food Drive at Stop and Shop to donate to our local Community Food Pantry. Many students came to help load boxes, and hold signs. The school's principal, Mr. Mark Hollick showed his support of his school and donated to the drive as well as many other faculty that were shopping that day.

On December 14th, we did a Toys for Tots drive along with the school's JROTC program and it was very successful. We were able to get many donations both monetary and tangible, and it was fun singing Christmas carols and helping out the community.

Nov. 1Christy Stine
Nov. 2Mr. Snyder
Nov. 3Karen Pringle
Nov. 4Cindy Sorokes
Nov. 5Jennifer Labbe
Nov. 6Josh Bir
Nov. 7Debbie Sanford
Nov. 8Wanda Dwyer Power
Nov. 9Steve Ferrecchia
Nov. 10Jillian Fricault
Nov.11Mrs. Faria
Nov. 12Elaine Moreira
Nov. 13Brandi Shaw
Nov. 14Bob Anderson
Nov. 15Steve Ferrecchia
Nov. 16Rob Messick
Nov. 17Verginia Theropp
Nov. 18Cindy Sorokes
Nov. 19Jennifer Labbe
Nov. 20 Judy Vedder
Nov. 21Terry LeFrancios
Nov. 22Seth Duncan
Nov. 23Chris Rucho
Nov. 24Becky Hackett
Nov. 25Angela Roach
Nov. 26Bob Messick
Nov. 27Kristi Rublesky
Nov. 28Mrs. Zomar
Nov. 29Sandra Fryc
Nov. 30Jillian Fricault

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