Monday, January 30, 2017

Steaming Along during Build Time

The Aztechs 157 have been hard at work this past week we have our robot frame. In the shop, there is testing of prototypes for other mechanisms going on as well as testing of the final designs of some units. Safety team is on the lookout to make sure we are safe as we STEAM along. They wish we had the AIRSHIP element built to get a better view.  The programmers are hard at work; on the vision tracking to make sure it’s a clear shot every time. Spirit team member are in GEAR getting the props ready for our competitions. We also have members putting the final touches on the FIRST award submissions. As we start week 4, we have the Aztechs fundraising calendar coming out on Tuesday, so be on the lookout for it, more on that in another blog post.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Starting build season by prototype making

*tune of 12 days of Christmas* “

On the seventh day of build season, The Aztechs said to me 27 meetings left…”

This past week we have done some prototyping. Three groups of about 3-5 team members for each group. We sat down with some of the members who are taking the lead in some of the prototyping to talk about their progress.

Zachary, First year on the team
What inspired you to make your prototype? “I looked at past years designs and I thought that our robot from 2012 could be adapted to this year's game.”
How do you bring your concepts to life? “I took our robot design from 2012 and adapted it to this year's robot and I sketched out what I thought would work best and then I made a wooden prototype.”

Isaac, Second year on the team
What inspired you to make your prototype? “What inspired me to make my prototype was an idea I’ve adapted from last year’s ball intake.”
How do you bring your concepts to life? “I bring my concept to life by making clear drawings and explaining exactly what I want to do and then bringing it into existence by using materials and my designs.”

Jacob, Three years on the team
What inspired you to make your prototype? “I was inspired by wheeled softball shooters, as well as from my previous experience with wheel based shooters.”
How do you bring your concepts to life? “I bring my concepts to life by first making a drawing of them, often with CAD software, then building them to ensure they have the intended functionality.”

Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year and recap of some fall events

Aztechs 157 FIRST Robotics team wishes all of you Happy and healthy New year. 
Aztechs are saying “Full steam ahead” for the 2017 Build Season! We are gearing up and getting pumped up for our 3rd annual FRC Kickoff. This event on Saturday, January 7th, 2017, will be held at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High school. This event is opened to the public, we recommend all robotic enthusiast's to attend! 
We held our 5th annual food drive at Stop and Shop in Hudson, MA. We raised 1377 pounds of donated food and $160 dollars. Additionally, we recently held our second annual FIRST Lego League competition for an amazing 23 teams. We also held our 4th annual Toys for Tots drive with Hudson Police and Assabet Valley MCJROTC held at Walmart in Hudson, MA, we raised about $7,000 worth of toys and 24 bikes!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Community Outreach

Just as an update from our team's community out reach, we completed another successful calendar drive during the month of November. Here are the winners. We will be completing another one this month.

Also, on November 9th we held a Food Drive at Stop and Shop to donate to our local Community Food Pantry. Many students came to help load boxes, and hold signs. The school's principal, Mr. Mark Hollick showed his support of his school and donated to the drive as well as many other faculty that were shopping that day.

On December 14th, we did a Toys for Tots drive along with the school's JROTC program and it was very successful. We were able to get many donations both monetary and tangible, and it was fun singing Christmas carols and helping out the community.

Nov. 1Christy Stine
Nov. 2Mr. Snyder
Nov. 3Karen Pringle
Nov. 4Cindy Sorokes
Nov. 5Jennifer Labbe
Nov. 6Josh Bir
Nov. 7Debbie Sanford
Nov. 8Wanda Dwyer Power
Nov. 9Steve Ferrecchia
Nov. 10Jillian Fricault
Nov.11Mrs. Faria
Nov. 12Elaine Moreira
Nov. 13Brandi Shaw
Nov. 14Bob Anderson
Nov. 15Steve Ferrecchia
Nov. 16Rob Messick
Nov. 17Verginia Theropp
Nov. 18Cindy Sorokes
Nov. 19Jennifer Labbe
Nov. 20 Judy Vedder
Nov. 21Terry LeFrancios
Nov. 22Seth Duncan
Nov. 23Chris Rucho
Nov. 24Becky Hackett
Nov. 25Angela Roach
Nov. 26Bob Messick
Nov. 27Kristi Rublesky
Nov. 28Mrs. Zomar
Nov. 29Sandra Fryc
Nov. 30Jillian Fricault

FRC Kick-Off 2015

Hello FIRST advocates! What an exciting day it has been. Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School, home of the Aztechs 157 team hosted this year's Kick-Off festivities. 18 teams came from around Massachusetts and New England in general.
The JROTC, the high school's chartered Junior Reserve Operative Training Corps joined the team in guiding teams and members into the auditorium for the video screening. This was a wonderful joining of forces, and the Kick-off was so much fun.
The Game was finally revealed after much suspense during the annual kick-off video. We are competing in a game called Recycle Rush, working with our own alliances and there were indeed many changes to the game.
You can rewatch the Game Reveal and Game Animation here: 

All of the tides have turned in FIRST Robotics, and as always, good luck in competition.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Northeastern District Event March 28th and 29th 2014

The Aztechs 157 robotics team attended the Northeastern District competition this past week. We came into this district with such energy, enthusiasm, and electricity. This was a challenge that we took part in and were ready to see through until the very end. 

Our robot was delivered into the pits with our diligent drive team, and the rest of our team was decorated and dazzling, ready for the day's endeavors. Sheer passion was dripping from our foreheads and our robot was driven to leave it all on the arena. 

No rank was bringing us down, it was only the dance music that allowed our enthusiastic team members to flock down the stairs and accompany fellow teams. The music kept the whole university in its seats, moving and grooving, but the students and mentors were highly spirited and dancing all the way home afterwards. 
See our dedicated team members; students, and mentors making a quick adjustment to the robot. Meet Marcus Fletcher, Michael Villani, Matt Kahn, Nick, Teju, and Kayleigh Stevens. 

See our mascots in action on the arena's dedicated dance floor with mascots and members from other teams. May I also introduce Jennifer Moore, Amy Fowler, and "Supernor"-bot. 

See the adorable duo from Hudson, Massachusetts, best friends before they even met each other in person; members Becky Beaudoin and Jennifer Moore. 

Are you ready for the competition? Start your engines and let it rip. Wave your yellow and blue banners and "Go Aztechs!"

WPI District Event March 13th and 14th 2014

               The Aztechs 157 Robotics team was up in Worcester a couple weeks back in pursuit of a fierce competition. Arriving early in the morning, our pit was swarming with curious FIRST team members asking intelligent and wise questions to an experienced team. Meanwhile, our other team members were gathering spirit equipment; the aztech head-bot, spear, shield, and feather bands. All dolled up with our festive gear, we went around the pits, and opened up our spiffy new scouting app, FRC Scout.
                The level of coopertition at this district event was off of the radar, and we saw gracious professionalism being displayed all-throughout the place in and outside of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Everyone learned so much at this event, gathering information for competition, forming many FIRST friendships, and having fun.
Team members Mrs. Fowler, and Liz Lowe, an academic array, are sporting their Aztech spirit-wear. 

From left to right we have team members Becky Beaudoin, Amy Fowler, Liz Lowe, Ava Rule, Jennifer Moore, Teju, Nick, and many other team members in the back ground and in the pit area. In this picture we are up in a match, holding up our signs, spear, shield, and distinguished flag. 

Meet our dedicated drive team, from left to right Kayleigh Stevens, Shamus Hughes, Michael Villani, and Patrick Hughes. Say "Hi!" to the robot!