Tuesday, December 3, 2013

These are the winners of our calendar raffle fundraiser, the first of 2 that we will be having this year. Congratulations from the Aztechs 157 team to the winners!

12/1/2013Jeff John - Essence Full-Body Massage          
12/2/2013Collen Day- 2 Coach Keychains $30
12/3/2013Keri Warfield- Hudson House of Pizza Small Cheese Pizza
12/4/2013Renee MacMaster- GAP giftcard $25
12/5/2013Danielle Villella- Game Stop Gift Card $25
12/6/2013Christina Skavicos- Autozone Giftcard $25
12/7/2013Cindy Zomar- Rumor Manicure Voucher
12/8/2013Ellen Walsh- Annie's Bookswap Gift Card $25
12/9/2013Mike Villani- Monick Supply Gift Card $25
12/10/2013Ryan Gannon- JP Salon Free Haircut
12/11/2013Paul Mager- Midas Oil Change $15
12/12/2013Kim Berry- Office Max Gift Card $15
12/13/2013Marcus Fletcher- Sergio's Gift Card $20
12/14/2013Cindy Zomar- 2 All-Day Ski Passes EMS $60
12/15/2013John Hughes- Lowe's Meat Shop $10
12/16/2013David Villani- Stop and Shop Card $20
12/17/2013June Bonnell- Craftworks Gift Card $30
12/18/2013Zakeria- Shaw's Gift Card $25
12/19/2013Desiree Meyers- Epiphany Children's Boutique $20
12/20/2013David Villani- Price Chopper Gift Card
12/21/2013Patty Walton- Trombetta's Mini-Golf 4-Pack
12/22/2013Gail Villani- Elizabeth Grady Manicure Voucher
12/23/2013Jess Rouse- iTunes Gift Card $25
12/24/2013Patty Walton- Ryobi Home Depot Drill Set $70
12/25/2013Jeff Marsh- Mary-Kay Satin Hands Set $34
12/26/2013Patty Walton- China Garden Gift Card $15
12/27/2013Cindy Zomar- Linguine's Gift Card $20
12/28/2013Rusak- Rail Trail Gift Card $25
12/29/2013Berry- 99's Gift Card $25
12/30/2013Ellen Mager- Bolton Street Tavern Gift Card $25
12/31/2013Robin Hughes- Ela's Gift Card $25

Again, Congratulations to all that had won this raffle. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Applefest 2013


            We had an awesome start to the day, kicking off with a large turnout of many people interested in building a robot and how ours worked in general. Our robot tossed Frisbees throughout the day. Many people were fascinated by the function of our robot and showed interest in how it was built. We held demonstrations every 15 minutes. We also had a face painting booth to attract kids to fundraise for our team. Our ‘cosmetic counter’ held many customers eager to have beautiful designs painted on their faces. We got the thumbs up from every customer. Some kids were reluctant to approach us but after a while they were determined to participate in our demonstrations throughout the day.

            We promoted the team by having kids participate in the demonstrations. During the demonstrations, we also explained the basics of our team, our school and robot. We also went into detail about how the robot worked mechanically when asked. We handed out our pencils to all people that walked by. We walked around to the other booths handing out pencils and being involved with other businesses in attendance, encouraging them to visit our booth and see one of our demonstrations. Throughout the afternoon, many people showed interest in joining or supporting the team.

We had many satisfied and enthusiastic parents interested in possibly purchasing light bulbs to support the team, and how their kids could get involved at a young age before entering high school. Many light bulbs were sold throughout the day, and many flyers were handed out. The light bulbs are equivalent to a 60W lasting from around 8 to 10 years, and we are selling them for $15 each. Many people were willing to donate money very generously, in support, wishing us luck in this year’s competition, build season and with our preseason endeavors. We collected many emails to keep in contact with those interested. People walked away from a robot demonstration better informed and with a smile. It was overall a very successful day for being in the community.