Tuesday, December 3, 2013

These are the winners of our calendar raffle fundraiser, the first of 2 that we will be having this year. Congratulations from the Aztechs 157 team to the winners!

12/1/2013Jeff John - Essence Full-Body Massage          
12/2/2013Collen Day- 2 Coach Keychains $30
12/3/2013Keri Warfield- Hudson House of Pizza Small Cheese Pizza
12/4/2013Renee MacMaster- GAP giftcard $25
12/5/2013Danielle Villella- Game Stop Gift Card $25
12/6/2013Christina Skavicos- Autozone Giftcard $25
12/7/2013Cindy Zomar- Rumor Manicure Voucher
12/8/2013Ellen Walsh- Annie's Bookswap Gift Card $25
12/9/2013Mike Villani- Monick Supply Gift Card $25
12/10/2013Ryan Gannon- JP Salon Free Haircut
12/11/2013Paul Mager- Midas Oil Change $15
12/12/2013Kim Berry- Office Max Gift Card $15
12/13/2013Marcus Fletcher- Sergio's Gift Card $20
12/14/2013Cindy Zomar- 2 All-Day Ski Passes EMS $60
12/15/2013John Hughes- Lowe's Meat Shop $10
12/16/2013David Villani- Stop and Shop Card $20
12/17/2013June Bonnell- Craftworks Gift Card $30
12/18/2013Zakeria- Shaw's Gift Card $25
12/19/2013Desiree Meyers- Epiphany Children's Boutique $20
12/20/2013David Villani- Price Chopper Gift Card
12/21/2013Patty Walton- Trombetta's Mini-Golf 4-Pack
12/22/2013Gail Villani- Elizabeth Grady Manicure Voucher
12/23/2013Jess Rouse- iTunes Gift Card $25
12/24/2013Patty Walton- Ryobi Home Depot Drill Set $70
12/25/2013Jeff Marsh- Mary-Kay Satin Hands Set $34
12/26/2013Patty Walton- China Garden Gift Card $15
12/27/2013Cindy Zomar- Linguine's Gift Card $20
12/28/2013Rusak- Rail Trail Gift Card $25
12/29/2013Berry- 99's Gift Card $25
12/30/2013Ellen Mager- Bolton Street Tavern Gift Card $25
12/31/2013Robin Hughes- Ela's Gift Card $25

Again, Congratulations to all that had won this raffle.